Support millions in need of hope. Join us for National Infertility Day 2022

Infertility is what makes the lives of more than 50 million couples worldwide an everyday struggle. Become a part of a major event dedicated to a national infertility awareness day to show support and provide help for men and women facing this condition. Registration for a National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) held by RESOLVE is already open!



Why is National Infertility Day that important?

With such a significant number of people facing infertility, this condition becomes much more than a medical issue. A struggle to fight infertility and create family concerns overcoming a severe emotional strain, it relates to resolving employment-connected difficulties and dealing with misunderstanding resulting from social unawareness. Thus a National Infertility Awareness Day and the NIAW event in particular addresses the following aspects:


  • helping people facing infertility get medical and psychological support

  • drawing society’s attention to the
    problem and cultivating a proper social perception of infertility

  • encouraging legal regulation of infertility connected cases

Get social at National Infertility Day and spread your ideas on happy parenthood worldwide


Dealing with infertility touches upon a huge amount of different aspects. Firstly, a big emotional effort is required to accept the issue and start looking for a solution. The more tolerant and educated the society is, the easier it’s for people facing infertility to overcome this first period and consider possible treatment options. Thanks to social media networks and access to the web in general, changing society’s perception is as easy as it never was before. Thus changing the lives of the people facing infertility is in the hands of each of us, literary. We have the power to bring up the subjects that are truly important and spread information and ideas that ease and sometimes even save lives of millions of people on the globe. Use your social media profiles, personal medical websites, and all possible platforms to share information on infertility. Educational materials, real stories of overcoming infertility, and becoming a happy parent, links to events supporting people with infertility, references to professionals in reproductive medicine, or just a couple of kind words in support for those who are in a struggle of becoming a parent - this can be anything. Your participation matters!


National Infertility Awareness Week: numbers and details

During one week, a series of events is held nationwide to educate the society about infertility and help millions of couples and singles facing infertility deal with the problem. NIAW is proud to partner with a huge number of organizations, companies, and institutions that are ready to help in any possible way. It starts with trusted medical institutions and highly-qualified experts specializing in reproductive health to lawyers and governors willing to cover all possible aspects connected with fighting infertility. National Infertility Day and NIAW event are all about helping everyone in need of becoming a parent. Join the movement and contribute to one’s happy family!

April 24-30


National Infertility Awareness Week 2022

  • » When it comes to infertility, first and foremost is striving to awareness. A lot of people suffer from dealing with infertility alone, being afraid to tell even the close ones about the problem with becoming a parent. This fear moves people facing infertility away from their dream to have a child. So let us show our society that infertility is not an end of a parenthood dream!


Infertility Awareness Movement Arose

  • » Infertility reasons differ, each infertility case is unique, and medical solutions are available for almost all of them. Today’s reproductive medicine works miracles! Pharmaceutical treatment, surgical fertility restoration, in vitro fertilization (IVF) - these are only some of the options modern medicine can offer to help anyone become a parent.

50 million

Men and Women Aching for Support

  • » It’s certain that just some little support and a kind word can be that first step to fighting infertility. That is why we believe sharing success stories is crucial. We encourage every person who had infertility connected experience to speak up. Your story can be the hope someone needs!

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IVF is a solution!

Infertility goes far beyond dealing with medical treatment; it affects every aspect of life, starting from everyday routine to career-related questions. It all begins with accepting the problem. Either it’s a married couple or a single male/female that is facing infertility, this is always stressful. That is why support - from within a family or in specialized support groups - is vital. Feeling confident in your chances to fight infertility and become a parent is what makes the treatment way more successful. Fortunately, modern reproduction centers and specialized infertility institutions offer every possible service a person fighting infertility may need - counseling, medical examination, pharmaceutical treatment, egg/sperm donation, surgery-connected solutions, and much more. Sunshine Egg Donation Agency perfectly shows how a modern way of resolving infertility works. Offering 250+ programs in 6 countries with more than 500 donors involved, Sunshine Egg Donation Agency helps hundreds of people become parents every year.

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National Infertility Awareness Day needs your success story to be heard!

There’s hope - always, everywhere and for everyone. Unfortunately, infertility today makes millions of people lose hope and abandon the dream to become a parent. Couples are splitting, families ruined, lives becoming meaningless… People who fought infertility have enormous power - the power to give hope! We encourage each and every person, couple, and family who knows what fighting infertility is to share one’s parenthood story. We respect your right to stay anonymous when it comes to sharing something truly significant for you. That is why we are happy to keep all your personal information safe and guarantee your anonymity if required. What we are sharing is the hope and support your story gives to people on their way to creating a family of their dream!

Difficulties Connected with Infertility Treatment

It’s painful to admit that our society is not fully ready to perceive infertility as a serious issue and take action towards it’s managing. The misperception and unawareness concerning infertility are especially noticeable when it comes to employment. Most employers do not have stable regulations of infertility treatment connected cases. Being a rather long and very emotionally hard process infertility treatment can lead to certain problems with a current workplace (as a rule connected with extra off days), to difficulties with finding a new job and, as a result, to constant stress. Besides employment, intolerance towards infertility has many other forms. Though we are on the edge of 2020 now, our society is still not free from prejudices regarding infertility reasons and ways of overcoming the incapability to bear a child. This makes more and more people facing infertility conceal the fact of undergoing treatment or looking for alternative ways of becoming a parent. We truly believe that one day, any person facing infertility will feel support and receive help on his way to parenthood. National infertility survival day is the first step to achieving this!

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