Why Can't I Get Pregnant? - Simple Unexpected Reasons

 Why can't I get pregnant even though I seem to be healthy and fully ready for it? Forgotten mental trauma, neurosis, long-standing guilt - can they become an obstacle to the conception of a child?

why can`t i get pregnant

It turns out that it is not so easy to conceive a child. Yes, because this happens not just mechanically. Some couples experience a temporary or a long period of infertility, which medicine cannot fully explain. To conceive a child, not only good health is needed; a favorable psychological and emotional context is also essential.

What allowed you to put forward this hypothesis? A good example is the so-called subconscious ovulation. Often the birth coincides with an event from the past. Cases of a "magical" cure for infertility after adoption or in vitro fertilization procedure also indicate that some psychological brakes strongly influence your chances to get pregnant.

Why Can't I Get Pregnant? 

Some women can't get pregnant for medically unexplained reasons.It may be a trauma experienced, for example, the loss of a loved one in childhood or fear of experiencing again the moments of anxiety that you experienced in infancy. Unspoken guilt for previous abortion is also able to block conception.

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Sometimes to have children, you need to look at your relationship with your mother. To become an adult, you must be able to classify your mother as "elderly" and stop perceiving yourself as a kid. Some mothers do not want to recognize their daughters as adult and self-confident women. In this case, their daughters run the risk of becoming locked in neurotic relationships of aggressive dependence, which prevents them from growing up and, in turn, becoming mothers.

Self Confidence, Femininity, and Conception

Did you hear that you need to raise your femininity to get pregnant? It is right for some of the cases. A woman who grew up as an unwanted child, whose mother was detached or too demanding because she wanted to have a son, can hardly perceive herself as a woman, that is, a creature capable of having children. Those who are babysitting with pleasure are more attentive to the signals of their body. Healthy self-esteem is an essential key to the ability to conceive. However, many other subconscious reasons can postpone pregnancy for some time.

How to Remove Psychological Pregnancy Blocking?

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How to remove this block? Do not be afraid to seek the help of a therapist. Sometimes several sessions are enough; sometimes, it takes more time. The main thing is to decipher the message, which carries infertility, to identify the causes of unconscious rejection, when a woman wants a child, and her body at says no. Often, as a result, one has to admit that a person can only get pregnant via IVF and assisted medicine. However, even IVF success strongly depends on the psychological state of the intended mother. 

IVF Approach - When Doctors Diagnose Infertility? 

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How to increase the chances of a long-awaited pregnancy? Where can I find a clinic that deals with in vitro fertilization? A detailed answer to all these and many other questions is on the site for all couples dreaming of a child, eggdonors.asia

Pregnancy and Age

Even recognizing that conception is not only a mechanical process, one should not forget about the biological clock. Women are further delaying the appearance of their first child. But after 30, getting pregnant is harder than when you are 20 years old. Now, this is one of the leading causes of difficulties with conception. And after 35 years, the biological factor is not strong enough to suppress the psychological resistance. 

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